There are now more ways than ever to enjoy A Week With No Labels.

Originally Monday to Friday came out as separate ebooks but finding out what No Labels got up to Monday to Friday just wasn’t enough for some readers.

Subsequently the Omnibus edition of A WEEK With NO LABELS added two new chapters to the story.

This is available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US for Kindle ereaders

Or  Kobo (epub) for all other ereaders.

But that wasn’t enough. So now, you can also experience the dramatic journey in paperback:

Just published is the paperback edition which you can buy FOR £6.99 by clicking HERE 

In case you’re wondering where this all came from:

No Labels were published free during June 18th -24th 2012 to commemorate LEARNING DISABILITY WEEK.  You can still buy the individual episodes for the cheap price of 77p but why not take the whole journey either as an ebook or paperback?

A Week With No Labels is  possibly a new genre in a genre infested world. It’s  ‘advocacy’ writing and published by Guerrilla Midgie Press who were set up to focus on issue  based writing.

No Labels is a fictional drama group but the ‘stories’ are drawn from my real life experiences over 10 years working with adults labelled with learning disabilities.

Each ‘day’ of the story charts the journey through process to performance of a production by this remarkable group of people.  We hope you will find it amusing and thought provoking.

Please spread the word via your chosen social media platform by good old word of mouth. 

Because Labels are for TINS not for PEOPLE. 

YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE EREADER to download these books. You can download a free Kindle App for PC, ipad or smartphone and read on your electronic device of choice. Click HERE for the link. 

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