eBook Publication date 1st October 2012  

Because everybody loves James Bond, right?

Think Abigail’s Party meets James Bond.  Hardly a fair fight – but what a party!

Kevin, Sam, Gary and Mark have been friends since childhood. And their joint obsession with James Bond is something they’ve never really grown out of. So Kevin’s wife Annette, against her better judgement, decides to throw a James Bond Themed party for Kevin’s 40th.

But adult games are more dangerous than those played by children. And this  party is hardly the time to play truth or dare. Time has taken its toll, trophy wives and girlfriends come and gone, alliances forged and broken and one very important person is missing…

Funny, witty, tongue in cheek but also pithy, moving and poignant this is a must for anyone who cringed at Abigail’s Party or has ever wanted to have a James Bond themed party – it’ll leave you shaken and stirred. And if you love James Bond trivia… you’ll be in heaven.

This play was written before the 40th Anniversary of the James Bond Movie Franchise. And here we are, at the 50th Anniversary, which seemed an appropriate time to publish it as an ebook.

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