Chasing Waves was staged at the Swallow Theatre, Whithorn in 2004.

It was published as an ebook by HoAmPresst Publishing in February 2012.

It is currently available as Kindle (uk) from Amazon and Also in US   It is available in epub format from Kobo 

Reviews are available on the  indieebookreview site in the drama virtual bookshelf

If you want to experience Chasing Waves for yourself, there are a number of clips for you to enjoy.






Chasing Waves. Anyone looking for an author? Rehearsal excerpt

Do you believe in Higgs Boson? Chasing Waves rehearsal excerpt

Chasing Waves – What is a wave? Rehearsal excerpt

Chasing Waves – What is Quantum? Rehearsal excerpt

Chasing Waves – Where is the beginning? Rehearsal excerpt

Chasing Waves – Who are we? Rehearsal excerpt

Chasing waves – What is meaning? Rehearsal excerpt


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