Published on 2nd November 2012. 

DOWN THE LINE and The Admirable Crichton. (Cally Phillips and J.M.Barrie)

J.M. Barrie’s play ‘The Admirable Crichton’ was first performed on 2nd November 1902. To mark the 100th anniversary of that event Cally Phillips’ updated version Down the Line was first performed on 2nd November 2002.

So, to mark the 10th (and 110th) anniversary of  the productions  Cally Phillips’ updated adaptation Down the Line  is available as an Omnibus edition with the original script of  the classic J.M.Barrie play The Admirable Crichton. The ebook also includes some information about the anniversary.

The Omnibus edition is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US  in Kindle format (Kobo dragging their heels again) for epub.

and if you prefer just Down the Line it’s also available on Amazon.  But why not give yourself a treat and do a BOGOF – get the Omnibus. 

About the plays:

In a world where Butlers have become bodyguards and lady’s maids are personal assistants, and where celebrity has replaced money as the criteria for ‘aristocracy’ we are asked to consider how much has really changed.

Caroline Carter, pop princess, is about to announce her engagement to her footballer boyfriend. Leaving Steve behind for a match, she sets off in advance to prepare for their engagement party on a yacht. She takes her father, sister, PA, bodyguard, best man and a photographer along with her. When their boat is shipwrecked on a desert island, their carefully developed social hierarchy begins to disintegrate as survival becomes a question of knowledge and skill rather than of money and power. As romance begins to blossom, is it true that ‘what’s natural is right?’

Down the Line stays true to the original in its intent but updates the characters and their island experience, throwing them into an alien environment, distant from the ephemera essential to gratifying their sense of importance in our celebrity obsessed culture. This updated comedy of manners and class poses interesting social questions, much as the original play did in 1902.

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