From February 21st 2012 to Feb 21st 2013 I was editor of the Indie eBook Review site.iebrlogo

During this time we established a regular peer review team who reviewed indie/self published books we liked. They are the kind of books that don’t get mainstream attention and our goal was to show that there are plenty of good reads out there in ebook format for all tastes.

While IEBR is now closed – a victim of its own success – the amount of good submissions made it impossible to  keep on top of the administration never mind the reviewers – all is not lost.

If you are looking for good reviews we have evolved into a more flexible review entity called Reading Between the Lines.


click here to go to the review page

There is a Facebook Page on which all new reviews are posted. They are also hosted on the sites of the contributing reviewers.  We still review books we like, but have broadened the remit beyond ebook and beyond indie. Now we’ll be telling you about any book we rate. Our goal is to share great reading experiences with all kinds of readers.



Current Reading Between the Lines reviewers are (links will be available as highlighted when their first review comes in)

Mari Biella

Catherine Czerkawska

Brendan Gisby

Julia Jones

Kathleen Jones

Cally Phillips

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